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Dungannon Primary School

Primary 3/4 LMcN

Welcome to Miss McNiece's P3/4 class.


Numeracy - January - February 2020

Mathematics & Numeracy – During Term 2 we will be studying:


  • Reading, writing and ordering numbers within (P3 100)/(P4 500)
  • Place value work using base 10 materials
  • Adding and subtracting 10 using number grids
  • Adding amounts of money
  • Calculating change
  • Problem solving (including money) involving the operations of addition and subtraction
  • Primary 4 only – 2x tables
  • Primary 4 only – vertical addition with TU (with carrying)


  • Sequencing the seasons and the months of the year


  • Using suitable non-standard units to estimate, then measure and compare the length of objects
  • Using suitable non-standard units to estimate, then measure the capacity of a container
  • Time – P3 (o’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to) P4 (recap on P3 and introduce 5 minute intervals)

Handling Data

  • Sorting for two criteria using a Venn diagram
  • Organise the recording of data in tables, and display information using pictographs and block graphs.

Shape and Space

  • Describing the properties of known 2D shapes using appropriate mathematical language
  • Using the mathematical names and describing the properties of a range of 3D shapes using appropriate mathematical language
  • Follow and give instructions for movement, involving distances and turning movements using terms “forward” “backwards” “left” and “right”

Mental Maths

  • Components of 10
  • Doubles and halves
  • Adding and subtracting 10

World Around Us - January - February 2020

World Around Us (Topic Work) –


This term our topic is ‘Rescue at Sea’. This is mainly a historical study with further cross curricular links to Geography, Science, Art, Literacy, Music, P.E and Numeracy. Some of the activities we will be involved in are:

  • Looking at the features of a lighthouse
  • Discuss the importance and work of RNLI – we will have a visit from a member of the RNLI.
  • Locating RNLI stations using a map of Northern Ireland.
  • Keeping safe at the beach.

Researching facts about Grace Darling.


  • Sequencing events from the night of Grace Darling’s rescue.
  • Making a model lighthouse
  • Making a simple circuit to light a bulb.
  • Investigate materials which float and sink.
  • Working with a partner to build a boat that will carry a weight.
  • Using Beebot to plan and carry out a journey on a map

Pupils working hard in P3/4!


Literacy - January - February 2020

Language & Literacy – During Term 2

Talking & Listening

  • Developing active listening skills in all areas of learning
  • Expressing thoughts, feelings and opinions in response to traditional stories.
  • Retelling traditional stories using the conventions of TS language
  • Participating in drama activities linked to traditional stories

Reading (At appropriately differentiated levels)

  • Reading dialogue in traditional stories
  • Using the punctuation when reading dialogue
  • Recognising and reading HFW quickly in context
  • Comparing and contrasting settings and characters in traditional stories.
  • Developing comprehension skills – literal and inferential (including prediction)

Writing (At appropriately differentiated levels)

  • Spelling: segmenting and blending phonemes to build words, working on the concepts that:
  • two letters can show one sound eg ‘ow’ ‘oa’
  • there can be several ways to show a particular sound eg
  • he, seen, read, happy
  • We will continue to work on developing sentence structure and punctuation.
  • Examples of writing tasks will include:
    • Retelling/sequencing traditional stories (use of past tense)
    • Writing dialogue in speech bubbles
    • Writing descriptions of traditional story characters
    • Writing a letter, linked to our traditional stories topic




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