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Dungannon Primary School

Primary 4

Welcome to Miss Hall's Primary Four Class!



Literacy - April - June 2019

Language & LiteracyDuring May and June:

We will be learning to:

Grammar & Punctuation:

  • Use commas to separate items in a list.
  • Identify pronouns and understand their functions in sentences

Phonics/ Spelling:

  • Understand the spelling and meaning of prefixes              e.g. mis-, non-, ex-, co-, anti-
  • Understand the term homophone and know that words can sound the same but have different meanings e.g. sea and see.
  • Continue to extend our knowledge the same phoneme (sound) can be represented in a variety of ways.

Writing Genres to include:

  • Letters
  • Alphabetic texts
  • Poetry
  • Pupils will explore the main features of each genre and will compose their own versions.



  • As well as Guided Reading the children will develop their skills by participating in the Accelerated Reader programme.

World Around Us - April - June 2019

World Around Us - “WW2”


Geography (Map Work)

  • Understand that a world map can be used to locate places.
  • Know and find the 8 compass points.


  • To find out about famous people in the past. (e.g. Anne Frank)
  • Find out about the past from the memories of older people
  • Find out about the past from artefacts and objects from the past
  • To place events on a timeline

Science and Technology

  • To recognise some differences between materials including colour, shape, texture and behaviour.
  • The importance of a fair test: e.g. parachute investigation/ blackout



Numeracy - April - June 2019

Mathematics & Numeracy – During May and June:

We will be learning to:


  • Carry out shopping activities calculating totals and change within £10.
  • Add and subtract 3-digit numbers with and without exchange.
  • Have fast recall of 3x and 4x multiplication and division tables.
  • Add / subtract 9, 19, 29, 39 etc to numbers within 100.
  • Solve a range of worded problems.

Data Handling

  • Read simple pie charts and bar graphs.


  • Estimate and measure the weight of lighter objects in multiples of 100 grams.
  • Estimate, measure the capacity of smaller containers in multiples of 100 ml.
  • Understand and use 5 minute intervals past and to the hour

Shape & Space:

  • Recognise and describe an increasing range of 3D shapes, to include pyramid, prisms.
  • Identify which 2D shapes will tessellate and which will not.
  • Identify angles in 2D shapes which are greater than or less than a right angle.

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