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Dungannon Primary School

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Welcome to Mrs Bloomer's Primary 6 Class!

Numeracy - September - October 2021

Mathematics & Numeracy – In this half term we will be studying:


· Place Value of numbers within 99,999- Reading and writing numbers, demonstrating the value of numbers, knowing the number before, after and between numbers.

· Understand what a mixed number fraction is.

· Quick recall of multiplication and division facts.

· Written multiplication and division.


· Calculating perimeter

· Changing 12hr time to 24hr time.

Shape &Space

· 2D shape – sort, name, recognise and describe a range of 2D shapes

· Recognise acute, obtuse and right angles.

· Recognise and name different lines.

Data Handling

· Collect, organise and present data.

Mental Maths

· Revision of components of 20

· Doubles within 50

· Mental addition and subtraction of 2digit numbers.

· Quick recall of multiplication and division facts.

Literacy - September - October 2021

Language & Literacy – In this half term we will be studying:


· Different spellings of the sounds; oa, ay, ee and oo.


· Nouns (pluralisation), Verbs (past, present and future) and adverbs (to qualify dialogue verbs)

· The difference between direct and reported speech


· Novels and poems by significant children’s writers

o Mapping out a story (showing links between characters, setting and plot)

o Using paragraphs

o Planning, writing, editing a story set in the past

· Playscripts

o Writing a new scene for an existing playscript

o Annotating a playscript in preparation for a performance

o Planning, writing, editing and evaluating a playscript for a particular audience


· Drama: perform and constructively comment on a scripted scene

· Group discussion: plan and manage a group task, taking on responsibility for an appropriate task

World Around Us - September - October 2021

World Around Us (Topic Work) - Our topic this term is ‘Mighty Mountains’.

Some of the activities we will be involved in include:

· Using a map to locate where mountain ranges can be found.

· Finding out about the layers of the Earth and the Earth plates.

· Investigating the features of a mountain.

· Through Science investigations find out how different types of mountains are formed.

· Using ICT to create a fact file page of a mountain of choice.

· Investigate different types of rock.

· Research and debate the pros and cons of mountain tourism.

· Compare and contrast the preparations/equipment mountain explorers use today vs Edmund Hilary the first man to reach mount Everest’s summit.

· Art creating a variety Mountain scene through a variety of mediums.

· We will be taking inspiration from Georgia O’Keeffe.


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