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Dungannon Primary School
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Primary 6

Welcome to Mr Young's Primary Six Class!


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Literacy - January - February 2019

Language & Literacy – In this half term we will be studying:


  • Different spellings of the sounds; f, k, l, g


  • Re-order simple sentences
  • Four noun types – common, proper, abstract, collective
  • Pronouns
  • Using commas to embed phrases and clauses
  • 4 parts of speech: nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs
  • Know and understand the term ‘antonym’


  • Myths, legends and fables:
  • Write own version of a myth using structures and themes identified in reading.


  • Use the structures of poems to write extensions on them.
  • Write metaphors from original ideas.


  • Talking for different audiences: sustain conversation and reflect on other children’s contributions.


Drama: consider how working in role helps to explore stories.

Numeracy - January - February 2019

Mathematics & Numeracy – In this half term we will be studying:


  • Relate 1 and 2 decimal place numbers to tenths and hundredths.
  • Read and write 1 and 2 decimal place numbers.
  • Order mixed numbers.
  • Develop written method for all 4 operations.
  • Multiply whole numbers by 10, 100, 1000


  • Calculating perimeter and area.
  • Understand the concept of volume.
  • Convert between metric units of length.
  • Calculate start finish time and durations.

Shape &Space

  • 2D shape – lines of symmetry.
  • Properties of 3D shape
  • Whole, half and quarter turns and link to 8 point compass.

Data Handling

  • Interpret composite bar charts
  • Construct, use and interpret bar line graphs.
  • Interpret pie charts.

Mental Maths

  • Mentally add/subtract a single digit to and from a 1dp or 2dp decimal number.
  • Mentally multiply and divide whole numbers by 10 and 100.

World Around Us - January - February 2019

World Around Us (Topic Work) -

Our topic this term is ‘Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters’. Through this topic we will be looking at a range of extreme weather such as hurricanes and tornadoes. We will also look at natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Some of our activities will include:

  • Examining locations around the planet prone to extreme weather and natural disasters.
  • Research why natural disasters happen.
  • Study the impacts on people.
  • Identify where Tornado Alley is in the world
  • Locate volcanoes and hurricane ‘hotspots’ on a world map.
  • Research the biggest earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis in history.
  • Learn about the story of Pompeii.
  • Study the science behind why disasters occur.
  • Design emergency clothing for a natural disaster.
  • Study the eruption of Mount St Helens.
  • Make a Tornado in a bottle.

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