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Numeracy - September - October 2021

Mathematics & Numeracy – In this half term we will be studying:


· Number work up to 1 million – sequencing, ordering, reading, writing, patterns and finding the value of a given digit

· Rounding to estimate answers to addition and subtraction calculations

· Written methods for addition/subtraction

· Multiply by a 2 digit numbers

· Fractions – recognise equivalence and simplify fractions

· Decimals – read and write numbers to 2 decimal points

· Add and Subtract decimal numbers


· Length – mm, cm, m and km

· Finding area and perimeters of regular and irregular shapes

Shape &Space

· 2D shape – quadrilaterals – be able to recognise names and properties

Mental Maths

· revision of all times tables

· square and prime numbers

· Making 100, 1000

Literacy - September - October 2021

Language & Literacy – In this half term we will be studying:


  • review the importance of word order and the work that words do in sentences, in particular:
    • nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and prepositions
    • Prefixes and Suffixes
    • Plural Endings – rules for changing the singular to the plural
    • connectives used in sentences –classifying for different kinds of text – for example, by position (besides, nearby); sequence (firstly, next)
    • compound sentences – know and understand that a compound sentence is made up of 2 main clauses


WRITING (Collins Scheme) –

We will be studying autobiographies and biographies including:

  • features of both genre
  • comparison
  • composing questions
  • Children will be required to complete an autobiography as part of their Literacy homework – (a scrapbook will be required) Planning and redrafting of a final writing piece will also be carried out by the pupils.

World Around Us - September - October 2021

World Around Us (Topic Work) - Our topic this term is ‘THE ROMANS’. Through this topic we will be looking at Roman inventions, Roman way of life, the extent of the Roman Empire, conquering and invasion and the effectiveness of the Roman army.

· To know the progression and extent of the Roman Empire.

· To understand Roman invasion and settlement.

· To understand why people moved, invaded and settled.

· To understand when and how the Romans invaded Britain.

· To understand what made the Roman army successful.

· To understand Roman fighting techniques.

· To understand the reasons why many Celts wanted to be Roman.

· To understand who Boudicca was and why she rebelled.

· To become familiar with Roman life and leisure activities.

· To understand morality in the context of fighting for entertainment.

· To know the different types of gladiators and the effects of slavery.

· To know the influence of Roman inventions, religious practices and culture.


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