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Welcome to Mrs Millington's ASC Class!

Numeracy - May - June 2018

Mathematics & Numeracy – In this half term we will:

Understand and use mathematical language when talking about their work. Solve everyday problems in the classroom. Recognise simple patterns and say what comes next.


  • Count forwards and backwards in 1’s, 2’s and 10’s from any number answers within 100.
  • Show that numbers between 10 and 100 can be made up of a “ten” and so many “ones”.
  • Use complementary addition to work out ‘how many more’ to make a total.
  • Use numberline to count back for subtraction within 20, recording calculations horizontally.
  • Find the difference between two numbers within 20 practically.
  • Solve problems using addition and subtraction skills, selecting the operation required.


  • Investigate different combinations of all coins up to 20p to make a particular amount within 20p.


  • Understand and use analogue and digital clocks for quarter past times.
  • Understand and use comparative language for weight, capacity, length and area.

Shape and Space

  • Compare two different 3D shapes and say how they are similar / different.

Handling Data

  • Talk about possible areas for data collection, and represent this data using pictographs or block graphs (including ICT generated).

Literacy - May - June 2018

Language & Literacy – In this half term we will:

Talking and Listening

  • To retell stories, to give main points in sequence and to pick out significant incidents.

Sentence Construction & Punctuation:

  • To read recounts and begin to recognise generic structure, order of events, sequence words.
  • To learn about word order by reordering sentences.


  • To identify simple questions and use text to find answers.
  • To read recounts and begin to recognise generic structure, order of events, sequence words.

Phonics & Spelling:

  • Hear, read and spell initial, final and medial letter sounds in words.
  • Understand two letters can make one sound.


  • Write lower and upper case letters using the correct sequence of movements , ensuring the correct letter orientation to write on lined paper.
  • Tall, small and below the line letters.


  • To write simple accounts linked to topics using the language of texts read as models for own writing.
  • Use phonological and graphic knowledge and sight vocabulary when spelling during writing tasks.

World Around Us - May - June 2018

World Around Us (Topic Work) -  

Our topic in May and June will be ‘A Pirate Adventure!’


  • To use language to identify position relative to other objects or places (P)
  • To follow and to give simple directions to places in the immediate environment (P)
  • To recognise different viewpoints e.g. from above, below, the side (P)


  • To recognise and record the sequence of events in simple stories and in personal history e.g. photos and artefacts (COT)
  • To find out about their own and other people’s history (COT)
  • To use simple vocabulary in relation to the passage of time e.g. before/after (COT)

Science and Technology

  • To identify push and pull (M&E)
  • That pushes and pulls, including air and water, can make things move (M&E)
  • That sounds come from a wide variety of sources and that people and other animals hear sounds with ears (P, M&E)
  • That we can make sounds in a variety of ways and these sounds can be loud or quiet (M&E)

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