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Dungannon Primary School
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Primary 1

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Numeracy - January - February 2019

Mathematics & Numeracy – In this half term we will be studying:


  • Recognise and use 1p and £1 coins in the farm shop to buy one thing at a time, with no change.
  • Touch count sets within 10 and understand zero means none.
  • Reading and writing numbers to 10 and matching numbers to sets and be able to order these numbers.
  • Compare the size of two sets by matching and
  • counting within 10 and saying which has less and which has more.
  • Identifying the missing numbers in a sequence to 10.
  • Combine sets to find a total within 10.


  • Compare and talk about the length, weight and capacity of two objects/ containers and be able to use balance scales.
  • Talk about and sequence up to three events.
  • Understand the concept of area as the idea of covering a surface.

    Shape &Space
  • Sort 2d and 3d shapes and talk about why you have sorted them in that way, e.g the number of sides.
  • Continue simple patterns.
  • Follow instructions.

Handling Data

  • Use mapping diagrams to show the relationships between two sets of objects.

Language & Literacy - January - February 2019

Language & Literacy

Talking and Listening

  • Speaking clearly and audibly, with confidence.
  • Be able to use props such as puppets, toys or story sacks when talking to the rest of the class.
  • Ask and answer questions and recall the main events in a story.


  • Writing labels or captions for pictures or drawings.
  • Think about, discuss and rehearse what they intend to write, ahead of writing it.
  • Select appropriate tools for a range of writing purposes.
  • Be able to form and recognise the sounds h,o,s,t,i,c,y,e,s,f and use these to write words.


  • Be able to read words printed or handwritten in a variety of settings and locate full stops and capital letters.
  • Use a variety of sources of information when
  • reading and re-read familiar texts.
  • Be able to talk about the main characters and
  • the setting of a story.

Phonological Awareness

  • Read a range of high frequency words in a variety of contexts.
  • Blend sounds to write and read cvc words, e.g mum, cat, dog.
  • Know that letter names are not the same as letter sounds.

World Around Us - January - February 2019

World Around Us (Topic Work) - Our topic this half term is ‘Food and farming’. We will be:

  • Learning to recognise some of the jobs carried out in our community, e.g farmer, vet, dietician.
  • Discovering how weather conditions affect people and animals throughout the year.
  • Finding out about farming in the past through stories and memories.
  • Learning the names of farm animals (baby names also) and plants.
  • Finding out what produce we get from a sheep and a cow.

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