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Dungannon Primary School

Primary Five

Welcome to Mrs Alexander's Primary Five Class!

Literacy - November - December 2017

In this half term we will be studying:

Writing Units


Understand the fiction genre determines setting and characters.

Know how to analyse character and setting by studying the language used.

Know and understand the terms ‘act’, ’scene’, ’set’,’props’, ‘costume’, ‘stage’ and ‘directions.’

Understand the organisation of playscripts and compare with that of stories.


Understand and use the terms ‘fact’ and ‘opinion’ and begin to distinguish the two in reading and other media.

Understand the different organisational features and purposes of a range of non-fiction texts.


Sentence Level Work

Understand how the apostrophe is used to show possession.

Explore conjunctions in sentences.

Understand the words that fall inside and outside the speech marks.

Identify and investigate the use of paragraphs; reinforce the notion of the ‘main’ idea and key words.

Word Level

Use a rhyming dictionary.

Understand the ways nouns and adjectives can be made into verbs.

Infer the meaning of unknown words from context and generate a range of possible meanings.

Numeracy - November - December 2017


Recognise spoken fractions.

Read fractions, identifying numerator and denominator.

Write fractions, identifying numerator and denominator.

Mentally add 3 single digit numbers.

Solve addition and subtraction problems.

Mentally subtract any number from 20.

Use one operation function machines to reinforce quick recall of addition, multiplication and division facts.

Solve a range of multiplication and division problems using known facts and selecting the operation required.

Mentally find doubles of multiples of 10 up to double 100 and corresponding halves.

Mentally find what must be added to any 2 digit number to make 100.

Using knowledge of 2,3,4,5 and 10 times multiplication facts derive corresponding division facts using understanding of inverse relationship.


Use analogue and digital clock times to 5 minutes.

Know the number of days in each month and use to calculate across a month.

Understand that a square cm is a square where each side is 1cm in length and that it has an area of 1 square cm.

Estimate and measure areas using the square cm as a standard unit by counting squares.

Estimate, measure and record lengths in cm and m and be able to convert between cm and m.

Shape &Space

Identify 3D shapes from 2D drawings.

Understand that coordinates can be used to identify a point rather than a whole square.

Identify right angles.

Use terms acute and obtuse to categorise angles.

World Around Us - November - December 2017

Our Science, Geography and History activities will be based on the topic of The Blue Planet

These are some of the activities we will be involved in.

  • The conditions necessary for life in a variety of places.
  • About the relevance of the water cycle
  • About the similarities and differences in places
  • About the relevance of the water cycle
  • That some substances dissolve and others do not
  • To understand the interdependency that exists in simple food chains and webs.
  • About simple food chains.
  • About the habitats or a range of living things.
  • About the interrelationships between animals and plants in a habitat.
  • About the life cycles of some plants and animals

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