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Literacy - September - October 2018

Language & Literacy – In this half term we will be studying:

Writing Units


Know and understand the term ‘historical’ in relation to story.

Understand how fiction determines settings and character.

Analyse characters and settings.

Talk about and plan writing.

Use different ways of planning stories e.g. brainstorming.

Write character sketches focusing on details to evoke sympathy.


Understand the different features of non-fiction texts.

Identify features in print.

Understand the terms ‘fact’ and ‘opinion’.

Understand the main features of a newspaper

Predict newspaper stories from headlines.

Write a newspaper recount.


Know about significant poets

Write a poem based on a personal or imagined experience.

Sentence Level Work

Understand and use the term ‘verb’ correctly.

Identify verbs in sentences.

Understand the function of adverbs in sentences.

Identify and investigate the use of paragraphs.

Understand and use commas in writing.

Understand the importance of editing and revising own writing.

Word Level

Investigate plural nouns.

Understand the ways in which nouns and adjectives can be made into verbs.

Use a rhyming dictionary.

Numeracy - September - October 2018

Mathematics & Numeracy – In this half term we will be studying:


Count forwards and backward in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s within 9999.

Recognise spoken numbers within 9999.

Read numbers within 9999.

Write numbers within 9999.

Know number ‘after’, ‘before’, ‘between’ – within 9999.

Find missing numbers in a sequence within 9999.

Revise vertical addition HTU.

Use knowledge of Place Value to develop a written method for vertical subtraction HTU with exchange: decomposition.

Mentally subtract any number from 20.

Solve a range of addition and subtraction problems.

Know near doubles within 20.

Know all addition facts within 20.

Find doubles of multiples of 10 up to double 100 and corresponding halves.

Find doubles of multiples of 100 up to double 500 and corresponding halves.

Revise 2, 5, 10 multiplication facts and derive corresponding division facts.

Recognise spoken fractions.

Read and write fractions identifying numerator and denominator.


Estimate, measure and record lengths in cm/m.

Understand concept of perimeter

Explore square cm and estimate and measure areas using the square cm as a standard unit.

Shape &Space

Identify 3D shapes

Sort, name, recognise and describe 2D shapes..

Data Handling

Collect and record data using a tally chart.

Construct and interpret bar graphs, which require a scale on the frequency axis.

World Around Us - September - October 2018

World Around Us – The Tudors

Our Science, Geography and History activities will be based on the topic of The Tudors.

These are some of the activities we will be involved in.

  • The Tudor Monarchs
  • Life and wives of Henry VIII
  • Rich and poor Tudors
  • Tudor clothes
  • Food in Tudor times
  • Make lemon curd
  • Tudor homes
  • Making a model of a Tudor house
  • Herbs and medicines used in Tudor times
  • Grow our own herbs
  • Make a pomander
  • Complete science activities based on plants.

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