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Dungannon Primary School

LSC Infant

Welcome to Mrs Clayton's and Mrs Kelly's LSC Infant Class.

Numeracy - January - March 2018


  • Counting forwards and back within 20 and beyond
  • Touch count, make sets, label sets and order sets of numbers within 20
  • Counting in 2s forwards within 20
  • Addition and subtraction within 20
  • Place value – identifying how many tens/units in a number

Shape &Space

  • Use everyday language to describe position, direction and movement
  • Revise 2D shape names and sort
  • Recognise and describe 3D shapes

Handling Data

  • Use Tree and Venn diagrams to sort
  • Contribute to class pictographs and interpret the diagram
  • Collect understand and interpret data


  • Use mathematical language when comparing objects for weight, length, capacity and area.
  • Develop an understanding of the passing of time through practical activities
  • Revise days of the week

Literacy - January - March 2018

In this half term we will:

Talking and Listening

  • Listen to and follow instructions accurately
  • Speaking clearly and confidently with confidence to the class
  • Sharing their news to the class


  • Develop and use a comfortable and efficient pencil grip
  • Form letters from the correct starting points


  • Continue to enjoy stories including the Bug Club books.
  • Participate in guided reading sessions and develop visual, meaning and grammar reading strategies
  • Modelled and guided reading


  • Hearing and saying sounds in order in words
  • Building and blending CVC/CVCC/CCVC words

World Around Us - January - March 2018

Our topic in January and February will be ‘Jungle Jamboree’

The children will be using the artwork of Henri Rousseau as stimulus for their exploration of jungle plants and animals. We will use fiction and non-fiction books to find out about jungles and we will enjoy a visit from ‘Zoo-lab’ when we will be able to handle a variety of wild animals! The pupils will complete a technology task creating a little mini ‘Elmer’ to take home with them.

We will also explore wet and dry materials and carry out some investigations into waterproof materials that we could use in the jungle.

The children will use a variety of musical instruments to recreate the sound of the jungle. They will make a jungle rattle drum. They will compare animal ears with human ears.


Explore: Participate in individual and shared ICT experiences using websites such as and Active Inspire and C2K programmes.

Express: Participate in creating a picture on Active Primary.   Discuss what is happening in the picture and record using the sound control and recorder buttons. Listen to recordings.

Exchange: Discuss how we communicate with people across the world through the use of phone (calls and messages)

Evaluate: Talk about their work. E.g. talk to the teacher about the picture they created on Active Inspire or their exploration in The Crystal Rainforest.


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