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Dungannon Primary School
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LSC Infant

Welcome to Mrs Clayton's and Mrs Kelly's LSC Infant Class.


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Numeracy - January - March 2019

Mathematics & Numeracy – During Term 2

We will be learning to: Understand and use mathematical language when talking about their work. Solve everyday problems in the classroom. Recognise simple patterns and say what comes next.


  • Count forwards and backwards in 2’s from odd and even numbers within 10.
  • Know the number “before”, “between” and “after” - within 10.
  • Practically subtract an amount from a set, within 10, as “take away”, “subtract” or “finding the difference”.


  • Exchange higher value coins (up to 10p) for 1p’s.
  • Calculate change required when buying items from 5p and then from 10p.


  • Understand and use analogue time: o’clock only.
  • Understand and use digital time: o’clock only.

Shape and Space

  • Recognise and use mathematical names for 2D shapes: square, rectangle, triangle and circle – using given shapes, and also where they occur in the environment

Handling Data

  • Use given one criterion Carroll Diagrams to sort for negation, explaining completed diagram (e.g. stating how many animals did not have 4 legs).

Literacy - January - March 2019

Language & Literacy – During Term 2

Talking and Listening

  • Listen to and follow instructions accurately
  • Speaking clearly and confidently to the class
  • Share news with the class



  • Develop and use a comfortable and efficient pencil grip
  • Form letters from the correct starting points
  • Writing name with growing independence.
  • Form simple sentences relating to topic work

Sentence Construction & Punctuation:

  • Use the term ‘sentence’ appropriately to identify sentences in a text, i.e. those demarcated by capital letters and full-stops.
  • Use features of punctuation to read in a phrased and fluent manner.

Phonics & Spelling:

  • Hear, read and spell initial, final and medial letter sounds in words.
  • Understand one letter to one sound correspondence with cvc e.g. bat and cvcc e.g. went


  • Write lower and upper case letters using the correct sequence of movements, ensuring the correct letter orientation. Begin to write on lined paper.
  • Use phonological and graphic knowledge and sight vocabulary when spelling during writing tasks.



World Around Us - January - March 2019

World Around Us -

Our topic from January to March will be ‘China.’  

The children will explore the topic of China: Chinese culture and traditions including food, weather, clothing, famous landmarks, famous figures, inventions, ancient Chinese myths and legends and animals.

We will also explore ‘push and pull’ forces within their topic work, specifically related to how The Great Wall of China was built. Pupils will create their Chinese landmarks from junk-art materials.

The children will use a variety of musical instruments to recreate the Chinese music, Chinese opera and Dragon Dance. Pupils will compare and contrast local and Chinese cultures and traditions. To conclude their WAU topic, pupils will celebrate Chinese New Year.


Explore: Participate in individual and shared ICT experiences using websites such as and Active Inspire and C2K programmes.

Express: Participate in creating a picture on Active Primary.   Discuss what is happening in the picture and record using the sound control and recorder buttons. Listen to recordings.

Exchange: Discuss how we communicate with people across the world through the use of phone (calls and messages)

Evaluate: Talk about their work. E.g. talk to the teacher about the picture they created on Active Inspire.

Exhibit: Print the picture created on Active Primary.


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