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Welcome to Mrs Nesbitt's LSC JS Class

Literacy - November - December 2017

In this term we will be studying:


  • Using basic punctuation in a sentence - the correct use of capital letters and full stops.
  • Become familiar with question and exclamation marks and when to use them in writing.
  • Verbs, nouns and adjectives – identifying and using correctly in sentences.


  • Talk about, plan and record sentences based on books read, ongoing topic work or personal interest.
  • To check written work and identify where corrections are needed – initially with adult support.

Spellings and Phonics

  • Know and understand that the same phoneme can be represented in more than one way.
  • Identify and categorise the most common representations of the same sound eg boat, no, tow, not
  • Be able to spell an increasing number of commonly used High Frequency words independently.


  • Increase reading accuracy and fluency.
  • Promote use of expression when reading.
  • Locate information in a text in order to answer questions.

Numeracy - November - December 2017

In this term we will be studying:


  • Written methods for addition/subtraction involving single digits/two digit /3 digit numbers.
  • Quick recall of number facts using addition/subtraction/multiplication.
  • Estimating before calculating (addition/subtraction).
  • Money – coin recognition, different ways to make amounts, working out amounts for change, problem solving by selecting required mathematical operations.


  • Calendar work using days of the week and months of the year.
  • Practical activities investigating volume and capacity of different sized containers.

Shape &Space

  • 3D shape – sort, name, recognise and describe a range of 3D shapes

Mental Maths

  • Components of 10 20 100
  • Doubling/halving numbers within 10, 20, 100
  • Add and subtract 0, 1 and 2 from numbers within 20/50/100

World Around Us - November - December 2017

 World Around Us (Topic Work) – Birds

We are going to continue for a further 4 weeks on this topic. The children have been enthusiastic and interested in the activities covered to date.

We will be examining owl pellets to see what owls eat.

We will investigate why birds such as ducks have webbed feet

We will find out how some birds waterproof their feathers

We will continue looking at the journeys some birds make during migration

We will be finding out about the pioneers of early flight.


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