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Literacy - November - December 2020

Language & Literacy – In this term we will be studying:


  • Use basic punctuation in a sentence – consistently remembering to use capital letters and full stops.
  • Continue work on common homophones (there/their/they’re; where/were/wear).


  • Use poems as models for own writing


  • To read over their work to check if it makes sense and to correct their mistakes.
  • Think about spacing between words and size of letters.

Spellings and Phonics

  • Know and understand that the same phoneme can be represented in more than one way.
  • Identify and categorise the most common representations of the same sound eg boat, no, tow, note.
  • Be able to spell an increasing number of commonly used High Frequency words independently.


  • Increase reading accuracy and fluency.
  • Promote use of expression when reading.
  • Encourage children to talk about what they have read.
  • Locate information in a text in order to answer questions.
  • Make use of Bug Club and/or Accelerated readers.
  • Participate in reading poetry aloud



Numeracy - November - December 2020

Mathematics & Numeracy – In this term we will be studying:


  • Reading, writing, ordering numbers to 100/9999
  • Place value of numbers within 100/9999
  • Written methods for addition/subtraction involving 2 digit /4 digit numbers with and without exchange.


  • Calendar work using days of the week and months of the year.
  • Estimate & measure area using non-standard/standard measures
  • Calculate durations involving hour, quarter past and half past start and finish times.

Handling Data

  • Make a tally and use information to make a pictogram and bar chart.
  • Be able to talk about their results.

Mental Maths

  • Doubling & halving multiples of 5
  • Counting forwards and backwards in steps of 10 up to 100 from different starting numbers

World Around Us - November - December 2020

World Around Us - Mighty Me


· Understand that there are goods and services which are important to our community History ( A Sense of the Past/ An Awareness of Evidence/ An Awareness of Time

· Investigate the impact of an invention on people’s lives.

· Find out about famous people from the past.

Science and Technology

· To know that personal hygiene is important to keep healthy.

· To investigate the function of the skeleton Activities

· Personal Hygiene: importance of washing our hands and keeping our body clean.

· Practical activities: how do germs spread? What is best for washing our hands? Why do we have a bony skeleton?

· Make predictions and carry out fair tests

· Look at x-rays and a model skeleton.

· Discuss the invention of penicillin.

· Explore how hospitals have changed in the past 100 years and the story of Florence Nightingale.


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