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Dungannon Primary School

Primary 2 - 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Mrs Atkins' Primary Two Class!



Numeracy - November - December 2020

Mathematics & Numeracy – In this half term we will:

Understand and use mathematical language when talking about their work. Make predictions and record how a simple investigation is carried out.


  • Count forwards and backwards in 2’s from odd and even numbers within 20.
  • Know the number “before”, “between” and “after” within 20.
  • Practically subtract an amount from a set, within 20, as “take away”, “subtract” or “finding the difference”.


  • Exchange higher value coins (up to 10p) for 1p’s.
  • Calculate change required when buying items from 5p and then from 10p.


  • Understand and use analogue time: o’clock only.
  • Understand and use digital time: o’clock only.

Shape and Space

  • Sort and group 3D shapes and mixed sets of 2D and 3D shapes according to their properties.
  • Use everyday language to describe position, direction and movement.

Handling Data

  • Use Tree and Venn and Carroll diagrams to sort.
  • Contribute to class pictographs and interpret the diagram.

Literacy - November - December 2020

Language & Literacy – In this half term we will:

Talking and Listening

  • Use spoken and written language in their play and other experiences.
  • Listen with sustained concentration to other children and adults.


  • Read familiar, simple stories independently.
  • Know and understand the terms ‘story’, ‘character’ and ‘setting’.

Sentence Construction & Punctuation:

  • Begin to use the term ‘sentence' to identify sentences in a text.
  • Use upper case letters and full stops to demarcate sentences

Phonics & Spelling:

  • Blending single-letter sounds to read and write CVC, VCC and CVCC words.
  • Segmenting sounds in order to read new words.


  • Use a comfortable and efficient pencil grip.
  • Write lower case letters using the correct sequence of movements.
  • Use upper case letters at the start of sentences.

World Around Us - November - December 2020

World Around Us (Topic Work) -  

Our topic in November and December will be ‘Fairies, Frost and Father Christmas’. We will be finding out about our teeth and visit our local dentist to find out how to keep a happy, healthy smile. We will investigate how some food and drink affects our teeth. We will play in our dentist surgery in our classroom. We will find out about the tooth fairy, explore fairy lands through stories and imaginative play and we will make a fairy door out of clay. We will do quite a lot of practical science investigating freezing and melting and linking this to winter weather, clothing and animal behaviour. Finally we will look at Father Christmas and some of the lovely traditions we celebrate together during the festive season.


Explore: Move Bee-Bot with purpose. Use forwards, backwards and clear memory commands.

Express: Participate in a whole class Christmas song. Song will be recorded using a camera or microphones for school website.

Exchange: Use the phones to call a patient and partake in a short discussion during role play.

Evaluate: Children will watch or listen to their song. They will talk to their teacher about it.

Exhibit: Save work. Children can print work using the print icon.


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