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Dungannon Primary School

Primary 3

Welcome to Mrs McKane's Primary Three Class!

Language & Literacy - November - December 2017

Language & Literacy – In this half term we will be studying:


  • Developing active listening skills in all areas of learning
  • Taking turns at talking & listening during group tasks
  • Listening to a story, remembering specific points and responding by linking to own experiences

READING (At appropriately differentiated levels)

  • Identifying punctuation when reading
  • Use punctuation to work on developing expressive reading
  • Recognising and reading HFW quickly in context
  • Reading for meaning
  • Examining settings and plots in stories

WRITING (At appropriately differentiated levels)

  • We will continue to work on correct letter formation, sizing and spacing, including writing on lines.
  • Spelling: segmenting and blending phonemes to build words, working on the concepts that:
  • two letters can show one sound
  • there can be more than one way to show a particular sound
  • We will be working on developing sentence structure and punctuation. This will include focusing on:
    • Understanding that a sentence must make sense
    • Use of capital letters to begin sentences
    • Other uses of capital letters eg names, places
    • Considering different words to begin sentences
    • Use of ‘time language’ words


Having fun during Activity Based Learning


Primary 3 visit to Tesco


Numeracy - November - December 2017

Mathematics & Numeracy

During November & December we will be studying:


  • Reading, writing and ordering numbers within 50
  • Demonstrating the value of numbers in terms of tens and units
  • Doubling and halving numbers
  • Working on the understanding of the language of addition and subtraction
  • Working on the understanding that addition and subtraction are inverse operations
  • Problem solving (including money) involving the operations of addition and subtraction
  • Money – coin recognition, different ways to make amounts, calculating change within 20p.


  • Estimating and measuring length, weight and area using non-standard units.
  • Recognising and recording (in analogue form) o’clock and half past times. Introduction to digital times (o’clock and half past)

Handling Data

  • Sorting for two criteria using a Carroll diagram


Shape and Space

  • Recognise and use the mathematical names for 3D shapes

Mental Maths

  • Working on quick recall of addition and subtraction facts for the numbers 1-10
  • Mentally adding and subtracting 0,1 or 2 from numbers within 50
  • Ordering numbers

World Around Us - November - December 2017

Our topic this half term is ‘Tommy’s Story’ linked to our visit to the Argory. This is mainly a historical study with further cross curricular links to Geography, Science, Art, Literacy, Music, P.E and Numeracy. The children will be comparing and contrasting life 100 years ago to their lives now. We will be examining:

  • Tommy’s home
  • Tommy’s clothes  
  • Tommy’s toys
  • Tommy’s everyday life
  • School life

Some of the practical activities we hope to participate in include:

  • Looking at a range of toys, past and present and finding out how they move
  • Role play activities to imagine life 100 years ago.

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