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Dungannon Primary School

Primary 3

Welcome to Mrs McKane's Primary Three Class!

Language & Literacy - January - March 2018

Language & Literacy – During Term 2, through our topic ‘Traditional Stories’, we will be studying:

Talking & Listening

  • Developing active listening skills in all areas of learning
  • Expressing thoughts, feelings and opinions in response to traditional stories.
  • Retelling traditional stories using the conventions of TS language
  • Participating in drama activities linked to traditional stories

Reading (At appropriately differentiated levels)

  • Reading dialogue in traditional stories
  • Using the punctuation when reading dialogue
  • Recognising and reading HFW quickly in context
  • Comparing and contrasting settings and characters in traditional stories.
  • Developing comprehension skills – literal and inferential (including prediction)

Writing (At appropriately differentiated levels)

  • Spelling: segmenting and blending phonemes to build words, working on the concepts that:
  • two letters can show one sound eg ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘qu’, ‘th’
  • there can be several ways to show a particular sound e.g. he, seen, read, happy
  • We will continue to work on developing sentence structure and punctuation.
  • Examples of writing tasks will include:
    • Retelling/sequencing traditional stories (use of past tense)
    • Writing dialogue in speech bubbles
    • Writing descriptions of traditional story characters
    • Writing a letter, linked to our traditional stories topic


Having fun during Activity Based Learning


Primary 3 visit to Tesco


Numeracy - January - March 2018

  • Mathematics & Numeracy – During Term 2 we will be studying:


    • Reading, writing and ordering numbers within 100
    • Place value work using base 10 materials
    • Adding and subtracting 10 using number grids
    • Adding amounts of money
    • Calculating change
    • Problem solving (including money) involving the operations of addition and subtraction


    • Sequencing the seasons and the months of the year
    • Using suitable non-standard units to estimate, then measure and compare the length of objects
    • Using suitable non-standard units to estimate, then measure the capacity of a container

    Handling Data

    • Sorting for two criteria using a Venn diagram
    • Organise the recording of data in tables, and display information using pictographs and block graphs.

    Shape and Space

    • Describing the properties of known 2D shapes using appropriate mathematical language
    • Using the mathematical names and describing the properties of a range of 3D shapes using appropriate mathematical language
    • Follow and give instructions for movement, involving distances and turning movements using terms “forward” “backwards” “left” and “right”

    Mental Maths

    • Components of 10
    • Doubles and halves
    • Adding and subtracting 10
    • Ordering numbers

World Around Us - January - March 2018

This term our topic is

Our topic this half term is “What is the forecast?” This topic will have cross curricular links to Geography, Science, History, Art, Literacy, Music, P.E and Numeracy.

Some of the activities we will be involved in are:

  • Identify the different types of weather.
  • Use weather symbols to read weather forecasts.
  • Know how weather is important and can affect different groups of people.
  • Find out about types of extreme weather and how it affects people and the environment.
  • Investigate what happens when materials we apply heat or cool.
  • Investigate what the best material would be to make new wellington boots for a teddy.
  • Design and make a kite.

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