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Welcome to Mrs Kennedy's Primary Seven Class!

Numeracy - January - March 2018

In this half term we will be studying:


  • Division of larger numbers with and without remainders
  • Understand profit and loss
  • Finding Fractions of quantities
  • Adding fractions
  • Multiply and divide any number by 10, 100 and 100
  • Solve simple equations


  • Find the area of right angle triangles
  • Estimate, measure and calculate weight and length
  • Convert between all metric units of weight and length

Shape and Space

  • Understand then angle properties of regular 2D shapes – e.g. the relationship between the size of each angle and the number of sides.
  • Estimate given angles to an accuracy of 10o.
  • Measure angles using a protractor

Data Handling

  • Read and interpret bar and line graphs
  • collect Data and display in graphical form
  • Answer questions about given data
  • Find the mean, mode, medium and range

Mental Maths

  • revision of all times tables

World Around Us Activities

Do taller people have bigger feet?
Do taller people have bigger feet?
How are we going to record our results?
How are we going to record our results?
We found that taller people do have bigger feet.
We found that taller people do have bigger feet.

Primary 7’s topic work on the Human Body is well underway. We have looked at the organs in the body as well as the skeleton. We can name bones and know the 3 main purposes of the skeleton: to protect, to support and to help with movement. Every Tuesday we are doing practical activities to back up what we have learned in Monday afternoon sessions. These pictures show a mixture of children from both classes designing a protective package for a Tunnock’s Teacake. The teacake represents delicate organs like the brain or lungs and the packaging each group designed represents the job of PROTECTING which the skeleton (skull or rib cage) does for our organs. We will post some of our write ups here when they have been completed.

As part of our ‘Mighty Me’/Human Body topic, we investigated if people who are taller have bigger feet. To do this we decided to order ourselves from tallest to smallest within our groups. Then we recorded the shoe size of each person in a table. We thought it would be easier to show the pattern on a bar or line graph. Each group proved the theory that generally, taller people have bigger feet than shorter people.


Primary 7 Classwork

Primary 7 are also mixing on a Thursday after break to complete literacy AND numeracy comprehension activities. We hope this will help us, especially with our problem solving abilities. Our numeracy comprehensions help us give our maths a context in real life!


Literacy - January - March 2018

In this half term we will be studying:


  • review the importance of word order and the work that words do in sentences, in particular:
  • Comparative adjectives
  • Prepositions
  • Apostrophes
  • Direct Speech


Work on class novel ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to be completed



We will be looking at how poets use the following powerful techniques:

  • Metaphors
  • Similes
  • Personification

The pupils will also look at the following forms of poetry and write their own -

  • Haiku
  • Kennings
  • Limericks

WRITING – Journalistic Reports and Debates

  • Engage with texts that can be used to inform, persuade, mislead and sway the reader
  • Use Journalistic techniques to write news reports
  • Study how effective arguments are constructed in journalistic writing
  • Write a balanced report on a controversial issue
  • Take part in debates

World Around Us - January - March 2018

World Around Us (Topic Work) -

Our topic this half term is ‘Business Beginnings (Young Enterprise NI) / Our Town – A Business Hub’

Children will:

  • Set up their own business
  • Create/design/market and sell a product
  • Evaluate the process of running a small business

In relation to Business in ‘Our Town’ children will have opportunity through a range of educational visits to:

  • Recognise that we are interdependent with other parts of the world for some of our goods and services (I, COT, M&E, P)
  • Recognise places and features, local and global, on a plan, map or photograph (P)
  • Investigate some of the major changes in the past which have affected our lifestyles e.g. the invention of electricity(COT)
  • Explain how a local community influences its environment over time (I,COT)
  • Identify continuity and change across a period of time (COT)
  • Identify some buildings which have been used for different purposes in the past (P, COT)
  • Use different types of evidence to find out about the past e.g. oral, written, visual and physical evidence (P & COT)
  • Explore and survey local habitats (I, P & COT)

Through the topic, in Our Town, we will be investigating the existence of certain types of businesses, tracking their history and capturing and presenting information in a number of ways on how many people are employed by major businesses in Dungannon in 2018.


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