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Numeracy - May - June 2021

Mathematics & Numeracy


  • Touch count sets and make a variety of sets within 15.
  • Reading numbers to 15 and matching numbers to sets.
  • Writing the numbers to 15 correctly.
  • Subitise (say how many are in a set, without touch counting) within 5.
  • Estimate number of objects within a set within 10.
  • Order a set of non-consecutive numbers within 10 (increasing and decreasing)
  • Add two numbers practically, within 10.
  • Recognise 1p, 2p and 5p coins.


  • Use comparative language to find another object that is longer/shorter ;taller/shorter; heavier/lighter/; holds more/less
  • Talk about events in the present, past and future
  • Recognise special times on the clock face

Shape &Space

  • Use everyday language to describe 2D and 3D shapes.
  • Create own simple patterns.

Handling Data

  • Talk about how to collect and represent data.

Mental Maths

Count backwards and forwards from different starting points within 15.

Literacy - May - June 2021

Language & Literacy Talking and Listening

· Recount own experiences, using some detail to help the listener, e.g. who, when, where, what

· use props to stimulate and assist the development of language, e.g. puppets, toys, story sacks

· use an extended range of vocabulary, e.g. new words acquired from reading and shared experiences Writing

· apply knowledge of letter/sound correspondences in helping the teacher to scribe and re-read what the class has written;

· write labels, captions and short sentences for pictures and drawings;

· experiment with writing and recognise how their own version matches and differs from conventional versions Reading

· use knowledge of familiar texts to re-enact or re-tell stories

· locate and read significant parts of the text, e.g. picture captions, names of key characters, rhymes and chants

· read aloud familiar texts showing awareness of the need to read with expression, intonation and pace. Phonics

· Learning the skills of blending, segmenting and phoneme manipulation using sounds ‘ch, sh, th, wh’

· Use phonic knowledge to read and write simple regular words and make phonetically plausible attempts at longer or more complex words.

World Around Us - May - June 2021

World Around Us (Topic Work) -

Our topic this half term is ‘Hip Hop Hooray…Let’s go on holiday!’. We will be:

  • Talking and listening about our holiday destinations and locating these on a map.
  • Packing a suitcase for our holidays, discussing sun and water safety.
  • Making a boat and investigating how well it can float when the water is calm and when waves are made.
  • Comparing and contrasting weather around the world and activities we do at the beach today and in the past.
  • Recognising our five senses and how we can use these senses at the seaside.

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