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Primary 7 AY

Welcome to Mr Young's P7 Class!



Numeracy - January - February 2022


  • Revision of all numerical operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Division with remainders as decimals
  • Addition and subtraction of fractions
  • Fractions of amounts
  • Multiplication of fractions
  • Algebra – a symbol representing a number


  • Estimate, measure and calculate weight
  • Convert between all metric units of weight
  • Use formulae to find the volume of a 3D shape


  • Investigating nets of 3D shapes
  • Revision of 2D shapes and their patterns


  • Read and interpret line graphs
  • Collect Data and display in graphical form
  • Answer questions about given data
  • Use numeric system to develop idea of chance based upon number of possible outcomes. g. chance of getting “heads” when spinning a coin: one flip, two possible outcomes - chances are 1 out of 2.
10th Feb 2022
In Numeracy this week we've been learning about thousandths which are tiny. We used...
10th Feb 2022
We've learnt a lot about the different planets in our solar system and we decided...
10th Feb 2022
Lots of us have been earning certificates through Accelerated Reader. 

Literacy - January - February 2022



  • Revision of all parts of speech
  • Colons and semi colons
  • Compound and complex sentences
  • Understand how clauses can be manipulated to achieve different effects in complex sentences
  • Use active and passive verbs


  • Writing poetry in range of forms: kennings, haikus, tankas, fast poems (cinquains)
  • Writing stories: sci-fi focus and learning about genres of stories and writing forms
  • Writing alternative endings to stories
  • Writing and planning a story linked to ICT and film work 

World Around Us - January - February 2022

  • Learn our Solar System's planets names and features
  • Investiage the nature of planets and their formation
  • Understand the role of our Sun
  • Understand the phases of the moon
  • History of space exploration and moon landings
  • Introduce basic rocketry and space craft eg. Saturn V and space shuttle missions
  • Write newpaper report on moon landings
  • Following current space endeavours eg. James Webb telescope
  • Understand the make of galaxies
  • Conduct experiements relating to space science
  • Link space topic to sci-fi literacy writing

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